It is important to Prescott Powwow to encourage elders and youth to come together. This makes it more possible to ensure that the culture lives on through the future generations.

Today many powwows have become a competitive event that can sometimes take away from the spiritual realm of the gathering. Prescott Powwow's mission is to give a powwow event that focuses more on the social and spiritual aspects of powwow.

The public is welcome and encouraged to come watch and even participate in our circle. Please see Powwow 101 to learn powwow etiquette as spectators and participants.

Our Chairman is Manuel Lucero IV (Cherokee Nation). Treasurer: Andy Eshkibok (Odawa- First Nations, Canada). Our Secretary is Irene Stonecipher (Chumash). Our other members include Toney Largo (Diné and president of Granite Mountain Gourd Society), Cindy Gresser (Director of Smoki Museum), Jim Carlson (Yaqui), Victor Webb (Pima), Sheba Rabago-Vervoorn (Chiricahua Apache, Yaqui, Comanche), Kay Huston (Cherokee Nation), Edward Macias (Apache), Barbra Karkula (Potawatomi), Debra Vaughn (Apache/Navajo), Mark Williams (Meshikom, Aztlan, Pueblo), Alberta Cook (Navajo Dine')